How to Capture Amazing Travel Photos with Your Smartphone


Everyone loves to collect memories, especially when traveling. Everyone wants to click pictures of every corner they visit. These are good memories to look back on. The problem is that people think they need an expensive camera or cell phone to take good pictures. However, this is not the case.

Carrying around a bulky and expensive camera can be risky. Therefore, it is best to capture these wonderful moments with your smartphone. Now you can take professional photos with your smartphone, upload them to Instagram and get hundreds of likes. If you also want to know how to take the best travel photos with a simple smartphone, this article is for you.

How to take travel photos with a smartphone?

While there's no rocket science behind it, photography is more complicated to some. We have mentioned some points to help you take travel photos.

1. Clean the lens:

This may seem obvious and simple, but many people have to remember to clean the lens and get blurry images. When we take our camera lens with us while traveling, it can get dusty and even sweaty. So the first step here is to thoroughly clean your lens. Simply use your shirt or other cloth to wipe dust and grime off the lenses. Try taking pictures now and you will notice a huge difference in photo quality.

2. Use the focus option:

The focus option is very handy when taking pictures. It's great for shooting landscapes that include a specific building or monument you want to capture. When you're taking photos of your friends and family, the autofocus will sharpen the photos on its own; however, for landscape images, you'll need to manually focus on the subjects you want to be clearly visible in the frame.

3. Take pictures from different angles:

We all know that when it comes to photography, angles matter. If you are new to photography or have no concept of angles, it is best to take pictures from different angles. If you take more pictures from different directions, you will get the "perfect picture". Zoom in and out, shoot from the side and every possible direction to find the best shot for you.

4. Look for natural light:

Lighting is one of the most important things in photography. Find the direction in which the light best illuminates the subject of your photo, and take the photo. This gives you perfect lighting.

When shooting at night, it is best to use flash. This will make the image brighter and look nicer. Weather lighting is also available. This means you can take dim photos on an overcast day and bright ones in the sun. So don't be afraid to experiment with lighting.

5. Use panorama mode:

We've all been in a situation where we can't seem to fit into the landscape. This is where panorama mode comes into play. This is the perfect way to capture an entire landscape in one image while maintaining image quality.

6. Gridlines:

The gridlines feature may seem useless to some, but trust us, it's one of the camera's best features. This feature gives you the straightest images ever. You can use the line and guide the camera to take a straight line photo. You can also use these lines to center the main subject in the image. So it's a great feature for shooting landscapes.

7. Blur the background:

For some variations on the image, you can also try the blur background option. Portrait mode lets you focus on the subject of your photo and blur out the rest in the background. This can be very useful when taking pictures of yourself, friends or family in crowded places. With it, you can focus on people and capture the most beautiful, Instagram-worthy photos.

8. Swipe the screen:

Another feature of many smartphones is changing the brightness of the image. If you press and hold the screen and then slide up and down, you can change the brightness and exposure of the picture. This allows you to periodically lighten the image according to the environment. When the light is good, swiping down will dim the screen a bit. On the other hand, if it's too dark, swiping up the screen increases the exposure, resulting in a brighter image.

9. Edit picture:

Editing an image is also a smart way to make it look cooler and more Instagrammable. With the help of these editing apps, you can fix a lot of things. You can increase brightness, reduce exposure, change color themes, and more. So try using photo editing apps and experiment with different features before posting your images somewhere. After editing your images, you will see a huge difference.

10. Take lots of photos:

You'll have a lot of fun, so don't get too attached to taking good photos. Take lots of pictures, but also have fun, because having fun makes the pictures more memorable and lovely.


Travel should create memories that last a lifetime. Capturing these memories in photos is a way to live with them again. So capturing every moment of your life is always a brilliant idea. You don't need expensive gadgets. Everything can be done from your mobile phone. So be sure to take lots of beautiful photos and fill up your phone's memory during this journey.